List completed coursework

For your work experiences, one general heading titled "Experience" may be appropriate. Analyzed prospective takeover opportunities using purchase-pooling models. Enter courses chronologically, beginning with the oldest and ending with the most recent. Your degree s should be listed according to the guidelines below: For more information go to the frequently asked questions on Printing of Time Limited Certificates Discontinued.

Our school received an award certificate and a banner that will hang in front of the school. Effective January 1,Education Law requires certain individuals, when applying initially for licensure or a limited permit, to provide documentation of having completed two hours of coursework or training regarding the identification and reporting of child abuse and maltreatment.

Be sure to stress what you learned from what may be considered an otherwise routine or limited job, for example: Choose a format which allows the most impressive presentation of your employment history note that some students elect to create a combined resume format incorporating both reverse chronological and functional elements.

Accredited programs offer coursework that meet the same standards and criteria, regardless of their delivery in person or online.

Students should apply for the certificate when they apply for graduation or when they complete the certificate program, whichever is later.

References References are NOT included on a resume, but rather as a separate document offered to employers when requested. Please read the letter from Principal Jackson here regarding emergency procedures.

Think about what courses would differentiate your background in the most positive way. Choose the projects that will impress the hiring manager and those that show him applicable skills and abilities.

The CSWE is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation as the sole accrediting agency in the United States for all social work education, including some of the best online social work programs for you.

Best Online Master of Social Work (MSW) Programs - CSWE Accredited

A financial analyst position at an investment bank. Information such as physical dimensions height, weightage and marital status are not indicators of professional ability and should be omitted.

Grade Enter the grade exactly as it appears on your transcript.

School of Information

Documentation Documentation in the form of an authorized Certification of Completion must be submitted to the State Education Department at the time of reregistration or initial application for licensure, certification, or a limited permit.

Employers will indicate the skills and qualifications they are seeking, and those are the skills you should do your best to illustrate.


Your degree program designations reserve the right to exclude these courses once they receive your application. I prefer a summary and I suggest that a summary include key words that immediately allow the reader to understand, at a high-level, your background and skill set. Each of the following transcript-recognized certificate programs is described in the catalog section for the college that sponsors it.

Students who are found to have falsified any information on their resume will lose their recruiting privileges, and may be subject to disciplinary action by the Office of Student Conduct, as this is considered a violation of academic integrity.

In this section, be sure to list the name of the organization, your role in the organization and any leadership positions held. Apply for an additional certificate Holders of most New York State certificates may qualify for an additional certificate without meeting all of the requirements that a first-time applicant must meet.

Report ALL coursework completed at regionally accredited U. The law exempts from the training persons who possess, with an effective date no later than September 1,a permanent NYS certificate or full credentialing from the cities of Buffalo or New York, and who do not subsequently apply for additional classroom teaching service, administrative-supervisory service, or school service credential.

If you don’t have a lot of work experience to prove your skills and capabilities on the job, it can be important to list any relevant college coursework, even if you didn’t graduate with a degree.

How to List College Courses on a Resume

ASU students may accelerate their studies by earning a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in as little as five years (for some programs) or by earning a bachelor’s degree in or 3 years.

coursework (ˈkɔːsˌwɜːk) n (Education) written or oral work completed by a student within a given period, which is assessed as an integral part of an educational course ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: Switch to new thesaurus Noun 1.

coursework - work assigned to and done by a student during a course of study; usually it is evaluated. See also Academic History, Summer and Fall Transcripts, Foreign Transcripts, Grade Point Averages, and PTE. Transcript (Coursework) Entry.

You must enter all United States and Canadian coursework attempted exactly as it appears on your official transcripts, including those that were attempted, failed, repeated, and withdrawn.

If you have completed behavior-analytic coursework that was not a part of a verified course sequence, you may submit a coursework evaluation application to determine if your coursework meets all or a portion of the current Option 1 requirements. Applicants should submit coursework for evaluation at least two weeks before they plan to submit an exam application.

List completed coursework
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